Sofa By Designs is the UK's leading high-quality and Luxury Sofa Manufacturer. We specialise in Handmade furniture in a range of styles, and, being Online, we can ship anywhere in the UK.

We offer a stunning and extensive range of Cheap and affordable hand-crafted Sofas, as well as Contemporary and Designer English Furniture. Our Handmade furniture ranges encompass Recliner Chairs, 3 and 2 Seater Sofas, as well as Chesterfield and Ashley Leather Sofas.

Every single one of our Designer pieces doubles as a work of art and can be coloured to suit any living environment. Our Contemporary Leather line can be seen in Black, Brown, Cream and Red, and our Chesterfield Leather selection can be tailored in Black, Brown or Cream. We draw only from the highest-quality UK Designer talent, and construct everything on-site. Despite this total focus on quality – something our Company is UK-renowned for – we can still offer Designer items at a significant Discount when compared to other English Furniture manufacturers. And, because we're based Online, you needn't even leave the house to make your order: we'll ship anywhere in the UK.

But why take our word for it? Take a look around the website and hunt down a style to suit you. If you'd like a little more info on each, though, we'll go on here.

Our variety of Luxury Sofa styles – all, of course, in Leather, can be ordered Online.

But that's not all. Our Company stocks a wide range of Leather accessories for Sofas – again, in Contemporary and Chesterfield styles – which all bear our hallmark of utmost quality. You can check them out by heading to the links below.

Sofa By Designs is a Family-run and family-orientated Company with over quarter of a century's expertise crafting and tailoring Handmade furniture. We hand-manufacture everything in-house through our parent body, Chesterfield Couture: you can visit our showroom based near Manchester to see our products first-hand.

As soon as we figured out how to get Online sales right, we leapt at the opportunity to bring our beautiful products to the wider UK. Our staff – who are all highly-accomplished furniture manufacturing experts – have barely changed since we began twenty-five years ago. We think that's testament to our passion for making furniture that's more than functional. We want our furniture to last you a long time: we make heirlooms, not one-size-fits-all garbage. Yet – thanks to years of gradually refining processes – we can supply incredible Sofas at an incredible Discount.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look around. If you'd like to get in contact, just click (or tap) on the link on the left-hand side.